Training and Seminars

Training and Seminars

CNG Nuclear provides training and seminars for nuclear industry.


CSAC N285.0-12/N285.6 SERIES-12 – General requirements for pressure-retaining systems and components in CANDU nuclear power plants/Material Standards for reactor components for CANDU nuclear power plants

ASME NQA-1 Nuclear Lead Auditor Training Course and Examination

Comparison between ASME NQA-1, CSA N286, and 10CFR50 App. B

Codes and Jurisdictional Requirements

Introduction to the CSA Standards Used In the CANDU Power Plants

Introduction to Jurisdictional Requirements for Pressure Boundaries

Introduction to CANDU Power Plants

Introduction to Nuclear Power Plants

ASME B31.1 Materials, Fabrication & Examination

ASME B31.1 Power Piping – Design & Fabrication

ASME B31.1 Power Piping Design & Fabrication

ASME Section II – Materials

ASME Section III – An Overview


CSA N285 (Series) – General Requirements

CSA N286-12


 Advance Courses

Implementation of a QA Program

Aging and Obsolescence Program & It’s Application

Aging Management and Life Extension in the US Nuclear Power Industry

Aging Management to Operating Facilities and New Plant Design

Management of life cycle and ageing at nuclear power plants

ASME Section III – Design of Class 1 Components

ASME Section III – Design Requirements for Nuclear Piping

ASME Section III, Div.1 – Subsection NF Supports

ASME Section III – QA Requirements: NCA-4000/NQA-1

ASME Section III – Workshop on the NCA-4000/NQA-1

ASME Section III – Workshop on the NCA-3800/NQA-1

ASME V Nondestructive Examination

ASME Section IX – Welding & Brazing

CSA N285.0 & ASME Section III – Class 1 Req. as Applied to Design Report/Stress Analysis Report

CSA N285 – Refurbishment/Maintenance – A Workshop on Repairs, Replacements, Modification and Testing

CSA Z299 Standards – Training Workshop

ISO 9001-2008 Comparison with Z299.1-1985

Nuclear QA Lead Auditor Examination: NCA-4000/NQA-1

Preparation Workshop for the Lead Auditor Examination

Skills Training for Nuclear QA Auditor/Lead Auditor