Bruce Power

In 2015, Bruce Power signed a long term agreement with the province of Ontario that will see Units 3-8 refurbished over the next two decades, extending the life of the site to 2064. This means ratepayers will receive 30 percent of their electricity from Bruce Power for decades, while enjoying cleaner air because nuclear creates zero carbon emissions. This $13 billion private investment program will guarantee one in three homes, hospitals, schools and businesses receive carbon-free nuclear electricity for generations.

Bruce Power’s reactors use CANDU (Canada Deuterium Uranium) technology. Considered one of the safest nuclear technologies in the world, CANDUs use ‘heavy water’ and manufactured uranium pellets to generate massive amounts of heat, creating steam to drive a turbine, which creates electricity.

To achieve optimum safety, Bruce Power safety, Bruce Power, operate using a ‘defense-in-depth’ approach. Using high quality design, equipment and operators ensure accidents don’t happen.

Canadian Nuclear Global Services Inc. (CNG Nuclear) experts have the project experience of Bruce Power for Balance of Plant Projects, Steam Generators, Main Condensers, Condenser Main Pumps, Design Reviews, Legacy System Design Registrations, Constructions, Procurement, Design construction and supply of Flow elements, Recombines, Filters, etc.

CNPS is proud to do the Refurbishment project work for Bruce Power.