8807-CNG Nuclear Engineer

CNG Nuclear Engineer-8807
M. Eng., P.Eng.

As an Experience Piping Design Engineer following are the areas I can contribute in design and development of new built or refurbishment of Nuclear power plant. I am familiar with CSA N285.0-12, NQA-1, CSA Z299 series, nuclear piping design Code ASMEB31.7, and ASME B 31.1, ASME Nuclear Code and ASTM standards. These codes are used for piping design, material selection, testing, stress analysis, fabrication, and erection of piping in nuclear power plant. Over the years I have gather good experience of study P&IDs, prepare piping layouts around equipment used in nuclear power plant like boilers, exchangers, condensers, turbines, pumps, Tanks, Heaters, Reactors, Compressors. In addition I have good experience of 3D Modeling of piping, valves, special components like steam trap, strainer, flow meters, steam and condensate manifolds, Instruments, electrical trays, pipe rack, civil structure in nuclear power plant piping. Regularly we used SP3D and PDMS software for 3D Modeling.