8809-CNG Nuclear Engineer

CNG Nuclear Engineer – 8809                                                                 
Ph.D. Mechanical Engineering

Provided services to:

  • AECL (CNL)
  • Department of Environmental Engineering, University of Ottawa

Experienced in the field of Nuclear Power Generation, thermal-hydraulic design, fluid mechanics, heat transfer, piping and plant design; analytical experiments, accurate data collection and analysis; compiling and maintaining well-organized data reporting & documentation. Experienced in design, fabricate, assemble, troubleshoot and repair experimental test apparatus, specifying, procuring and installing equipment. Ability to manage projects and write technical reports, perform mechanical design calculations (pressure drop, heat transfer, stress analysis, etc.). Experienced with 3D SolidWorks, CFD and FEA modeling software. Obtained reliability security clearance via CNSC. Dynamic and creative team leader with full commitment to quality and client satisfaction. Worked in collaboration with personnel from the thermal-hydraulic department at AECL. Conducted work in a collaborative program between MIT/ Boston and KFUPM/ KSA. Has many research polished papers.