8810-CNG Nuclear Engineer

CNG Nuclear Engineer – 8810                                                 
Ph.D. P.Eng. Mechanical

Provided services to:

  • Hatch Ltd. Mississauga, ON
  • Large EPC Companies

Experienced and interested in the field of Design, and engineering aspects of refurbishment of CANDU Power Plants. Lead of technologies and global business development and ready to take initiative on Global Business Development of CNG Nuclear; and Able to prioritize workload to maximize efficiency. He is talented, intuitive problem solver mechanical engineer with a strong background in design, dynamics, and vibrations, as well as heat transfer. He is interested in Primary Heat Transport System of CANDU Power Plants and associated Refurbishment, and Design Registrations, Engineering Change Control, risk assessment, material degradation investigations, Mechanical engineering and Metallurgy; with the knowledge of CSA N285.0-12, CSA N286 and CSA Z299 Series, NQA-1, and ASME Code Section III Div. 1, ASME B31.1 and ASME B31.3, ASME VIII Div. 1 and ASME IX, and ASME II for Materials. This individual has excellent ability to identify discrepancies with exceptional attention to detailed engineering design. Able to perceive, analyze and communicate in an articulate and timely fashion. Speaks fluent English, Persian, and is proficient in Portuguese and Spanish. Highly self-motivated team player, and reliable. Willing to take initiative and accept responsibilities beyond job duties.